WiFi baby monitor: the best choice?

WiFi baby monitors are the most modern, most advanced way to monitor your baby during naps. WiFi baby monitors are very similar to camera baby monitors in terms of functionality and make it relatively easy to keep an eye on your baby with both image and sound. The biggest difference is a WiFi baby monitor only needs a camera for the room, the connection and the image are handled over the phone.

WiFi baby monitor benefits:

💚 Image & sound directly on your smartphone
💚 Gives a more confident & secure feeling
💚 Watching with multiple people at the same time
💚 Cheaper to buy than baby monitor with camera

Disadvantages WiFi baby monitor:

✖ Not convenient to take with you on vacation
✖ You need a stable internet connection
✖ Smartphone battery drains a little faster
✖ More expensive than audio baby monitor

Why a WiFi baby monitor?

With a WiFi baby monitor, just as with a camera baby monitor, you have the ability to examine and hear the condition in the baby's room at any time. The difference is that you only need to purchase and place the camera in the room with a WiFi baby monitor. The connection is then easily made via your smartphone. This will save you the expense of buying a baby monitor.

Not quite convinced yet whether you should choose a WiFi baby monitor or another model would suit you better? Consider the pros and cons above, so you'll be sure to make the right choice for a baby monitor!

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