About Alecto Baby

For 45 years, Alecto Baby has been helping young parents with electronics they can rely on. Alecto Baby ensures that there are always eyes and ears in the nursery. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for everyone that fits seamlessly. Even if you want to know how your baby's health is doing.

Alecto has a range of 100+ baby products. Including bottle warmers, thermometers, baby monitors and sleep trainers. Alecto Baby has everything to provide your baby with the best care.

When it comes to your baby, you can't be too careful. And we share that concern. That's why we put a lot of energy into the safety and "operational reliability" of our products. With Alecto Baby you know that you choose for quality. We do not just say that, it has been proven by various test panels from leading institutes such as the Dutch Consumer Association and reviews from other parents on for example Kieskeurig. And for all that quality you will never pay more than necessary. That is the advantage of being the market leader. Alecto Baby has been at the top for years. We never take that for granted. But it does give you the assurance that you can rely on Alecto Baby for help.

Alecto Baby therefore has the FRIENDS principle as a starting point:

Fast & Flexible

The building blocks of our ongoing success; fast, flexibility with adaptability. These are essential to meet the changing needs of parents. Thanks to these building blocks, we also remain well informed about the state of affairs, the changing needs and new technologies, so that we can serve our customers better and faster as a dynamic and thriving company.


Your trust is worth everything to us. We work with official standards and processes. In addition, factories, without exceptions, are regularly being inspected. During these inspections explicit detail is given to the working conditions at that location, but also to the local employee’s applicable social working conditions and safety concerns.


At Alecto we strive to distinguish our products through creativity and passion, by innovating and by delivering products of the highest possible quality. We think about our future and we re-invent not only ourselves but also our products, every day.

Exceeding expectations

The standard for all our achievements. We always strive for the highest and the best service. Quality is our top priority to continuously improve our services and to exceed the expectations of external partners and our customers.

No nonsense

We work to fulfill our promises, to open the eyes and ears of everyone involved and to serve all our customers with an open mind and without prejudice.


Alecto believes that we play a significant role in the field of sustainability and the social relevance of its actions. Because of that, we always try to use environmental friendly components in our products and we also takes recyclability at the end of a product’s life into account. Commaxx applies ‘Eco Design’ to many products, which means that batteries for example, after completion of the service life can be removed separately from the product and disposed of responsibly. But also by striving to install technologies that make it possible to minimize energy consumption in both standby as well as operation mode.


As a professional company with quality products, we work every day on the total satisfaction of our customers. To maintain this level of satisfaction, we support our customers in every possible way. Alecto also pays a lot of attention to quality in aftercare. For example, we still have spare parts of products available for replacement or repair. Users can therefore enjoy the product longer. At Alecto you are welcome with all your requests, questions or complaints. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Commaxx International NV

As of 2019, Alecto is part of Commaxx International. Commaxx is a global leader in the development and sales of smart choice consumer electronics to national and international retailers and importers under various brands, including Lenco, Trebs, Alecto Home en Fysic.

The brands of Commaxx International are sold all over the world through its own webshops or national and local distributors. The number of countries in which the Commaxx brands are represented is still growing.