Bottle warmers


      A bottle warmer is used to warm up baby food or bottle food. The bottle warmer will gradually heat the food until it reaches the set temperature. The moment the temperature is reached, the bottle warmer will switch off automatically. Are you on the road a lot? Then the bottle warmer with car adapter is the ideal solution for you!

      Alecto Bottle warmer

      Feeding your baby will keep you busy and will be very challenging in the beginning. Did your baby get enough milk? How much is normal? What is the best feeding schedule to follow? Just a few questions that will keep you busy. In the first few months your child will only be drinking milk, which can be either breast milk, bottle milk or a combination of both. Most parents feed their child 6-8 times a day, which makes it a very busy activity.

      Types of bottle warmer

      Getting the bottle of milk at exactly the right temperature can be quite a challenge. Often the bottle is just a bit too warm in the microwave and you have to wait for it to cool down again. But your impatient and hungry child doesn't need to worry about that. A bottle warmer is the solution and ensures that your bottle is never too hot or too cold. You can easily set the temperature and the bottle warmer will evenly heat up to the perfect temperature.

      We offer different types of bottle warmers because we understand that not every parent has the same needs. We have bottle warmers that have a digital display, bottle warmers that can also defrost and sterilize, and bottle warmers for on-the-go use in the car.

      Buy bottle warmer at Alecto Baby

      When it comes to your baby, you obviously only want the best. We fully support that. Have you decided which bottle warmer is most suitable for you and meets all your needs? Then you can easily order online at the Alecto Baby webshop. If you place your order on a workday before 8 p.m., the bottle warmer will be shipped from our warehouse the same day.