If you have made a purchase with us and are not completely satisfied with your order, no problem! For all our online shop customers, the policy is not satisfied, money back. You can cancel your order with us within 30 days of receipt at no cost.


  1. Legally, the return period for items is set at 14 days, but we have extended it to 30 days. Therefore, you have a return period of 30 days from the moment you received your order to return your item(s).
  2. The item is in its original condition and in the original packaging (if reasonably possible).
  3. For returns, you can use the included return label. To expedite the processing of your return in our warehouse, we ask you to register your return through your customer account:


When you order from us, you can expect a high-quality product. If you have received a defective, damaged, or incomplete item as a result of an order through our online shop, we will gladly handle it properly. If your product becomes defective within the return period, you can invoke the warranty through our customer service.

For every purchased product through our online shop, the statutory warranty of 2 years applies. This means that a product must do what you, as a customer, can reasonably expect. The offered own guarantees or any manufacturer's guarantees do not detract from the legal rights you have as a consumer. If the product becomes defective outside the return period but within the warranty period and you purchased the product through our online shop, please refer to our warranty terms for what you can do.


Once the item(s) ordered through the online shop have been returned, you will receive the purchase amount of the returned item(s) including delivery costs from us as soon as possible. This has a maximum period of 10 days. We may wait to refund until we have received the goods or until you can prove that the goods have been returned, depending on which time occurs first. The purchase amount will be refunded via the payment method with which you made the original transaction.