Our sleep trainers make your child more aware of time in a playful way and teach them to keep a better sleep schedule. If the light is blue, your child knows it's still time to sleep; is the light yellow? Then it's time to get up! Besides this function, the sleep trainers are also very suitable as a clock or alarm clock.

      Alecto Baby Sleep Trainer

      Do you have children who, in your opinion, stand at the edge of the bed a little too early and say that they really can't sleep anymore? Children are still looking for a good night routine, often when they wake up they think the day can begin, while they can still turn over. From the age of 2 you can start with the concept of a sleep trainer or a sleep alarm clock. While adults need an alarm clock to wake them up, with children it is often the other way around. They need an alarm clock that tells them whether they can go to sleep or get up. Because reading the clock is still difficult, sleep trainers function with colors. ‘s Nachts is de kleur van het schermpje donkerblauw en op de ingestelde tijd, zal het schermpje veranderen in een oranje kleur, tijd om op te staan! We can't promise that the children will stay in bed, but they do understand the meaning of the bedtime routine a little better, which also helps in the development of their routine.

      Sleeping trainer for children

      It will take some time getting used to for your child and there will certainly be some resistance combined with new excuses. But as with everything, practice makes perfect. Once your child gets used to the sleep trainer and understands how it works, both you and your child will get a better night's sleep. Our sleep trainers are not only practical and help with a better nighttime routine, they're also a lot of fun. For example, they are available in a variety of animal shapes.

      Buy Sleep Trainer at Alecto Baby

      When it comes to your baby, you obviously want only the best. We are fully behind you on that. Have you decided which sleep trainer is the most suitable for you and meets all your needs? Then you can easily order online at the Alecto Baby webshop. If you place your order on a workday before 8 p.m., the sleep trainer will be shipped from our warehouse the same day.