Hearing protection

A child's hearing is still developing and therefore less resistant to loud noise, which makes hearing protection very important for children! Therefore, protect your child's vulnerable ears with the right hearing protection in places where (too) many decibels are produced.

Ear protection for children

Hearing loss is increasingly common, even in young children the figures are increasing. Hearing loss is irreversible once you have it, meaning you would have to learn to live with it. Because the hearing of young children is still developing, their hearing is extremely sensitive. Exposure to loud noises is best avoided. Can't it be prevented? Then it’s wise to have your child wear ear protection. The danger of hearing loss is that it only manifests at a later age when it’s usually too late.

Preventing hearing loss in children

To prevent hearing loss, we offer ear protection for children. Because ear protection products do not necessarily have a cool image, we have combined the nicest colours and styles. It shouldn’t be a punishment for your child to wear ear protection. Places or events where loud noises may occur:

  • Parties
  • Festivals / concerts
  • House renovations (demolition work)
  • New Year's Eve (fireworks)
  • Races

Buying ear protection from Alecto Baby

When it comes to your child, you obviously only want the best. We fully support this. It is therefore not a question of whether you should buy ear protection for your child, but rather, which type to buy! Have you chosen the best design for your child that meets all their needs? If so, you can easily order it from our Alecto Baby’s web shop. If you place your order on a working day before 8 p.m., the baby monitor will be shipped from our warehouse that same day.