Baby safety

The safety of your child always comes first! Our safety products are a tool to create a safe living environment for children. We like to think along about safety in and around the house, such as socket protection, but hearing protection is also very important for your child.

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Alecto takes child safety seriously

You protect your most precious possession with products from a brand that takes child safety seriously: Alecto. Many parents already know us from our baby monitors and baby care products. Additionally, you can also rely on us to decorate your home as safely as possible.

Safe discovery for the little ones

Everything is new to your child, so the environment is one big adventure and the urge to discover cannot be resisted. That's not a bad thing, as it’s part of their journey. You just want things to be as safe as possible. Our assortment offers products that help prevent all kinds of dangerous situations. Think of cabinet, drawer and doorstoppers as well as socket protection. A special category of child safety products are our night lights. We have them in all shapes and sizes, with the happiest designs. A night light helps most children feel safe and therefore fall asleep faster.

Child safety at Alecto Baby

When it comes to your child, you obviously only want the best. We fully support this. Do you know which baby safety products are the most suitable for you and meets all your needs? If so, you can easily order it from our Alecto Baby’s web shop. If you place your order on a working day before 8 p.m., the baby monitor will be shipped from our warehouse that same day.