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      Night lights are a tool for your child to get more peace and a sense of security in their own room. Many children need a small lamp next to the bed or in the room and hallway. Night lights for children come in all shapes and colors, so there is always a favorite for your child

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      Alecto Baby night light

      A night light for children should be able to do more than just emit light. Therefore, children's night lights are usually characterized by the fun shapes, figures or colors. Our children's lamps are not only functional, but also provide a safe and secure feeling in the bedroom. It is a fact that most children are afraid of the dark and cannot fall asleep properly. A night light offers them this feeling of security, even if it is only a small amount of light that is present in the room.

      LED night light in the children's room

      Almost all night lights from Alecto Baby have an LED light source, making them both energy efficient and durable. Your child will enjoy them for years, until ghosts and monsters aren't scary anymore. There are both battery operated night lights and night lights that can be plugged into a wall socket, so for every nursery there is a suitable night light. In addition, we have also combined convenient night lights with sleep trainers. The display of the sleep trainer has a blue color at night. This is a sign for your child to stay in bed. Als de ingestelde tijd bereikt is, springt de slaaptrainer op een oranje scherm. Time to get up! In this way, you can train any child - even if they can't yet tell time - to stay in bed longer and give you more sleep.

      Get a better night's sleep with a night light

      When it comes to your baby, you obviously want only the best. We are fully behind you on that. Have you decided which night light is most suitable for you and meets all your needs? Then you can easily order online via the Alecto Baby webshop. If you place your order on a workday before 8 p.m., the nightlight will be sent from our warehouse the same day.