Baby health

From the birth of your child, the biggest concern you have is health. Unfortunately, ailments such as cramps and fever are part of the growth of your baby. Don't be surprised if your child is not feeling well and make sure you have a decent thermometer at home to check your child's temperature.

Baby health at Alecto Baby

Your baby’s health is your biggest concern, so it’s crucial to be well prepared for a child’s arrival. There are several things that should not be missing in the household when a child joins the family. There are many tools to keep a close eye on your child’s health.

Your baby’s temperature and weight

During the first weeks, your child’s weight is a particularly crucial factor, just like their temperature. Babies may initially have trouble controlling their temperature, so a thermometer is certainly not a luxury. In addition to the midwife weighing your little one, it’s useful to occasionally weigh your little one yourself. A normal scale is not precise enough to do so. Therefore, a baby scale is the solution!

The nursery’s air quality

The air quality within the nursery is something many parents don’t consider. You only want the best for your child, so the nursery’s air quality must be perfect. A humidifier measures the air quality and ensures that it’s constantly up to standard.

Baby health products online

When it comes to your child, you obviously only want the best. We fully support this. Do you know which baby health products are the most suitable for you and meets all your needs? If so, you can easily order it from our Alecto Baby’s web shop. If you place your order on a working day before 8 p.m., the baby monitor will be shipped from our warehouse that same day.