DECT baby monitor: the best choice?

A dect baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby 100% interference-free while he or she is sleeping. You hear everything that happens in the baby's room, and you are immediately informed when the baby is awake and crying. When using a DECT baby monitor, be aware of the radiation it can produce, place the monitor away from the baby and turn on the ECO function if it has one, which allows the radiation to be set manually. Are you looking for an interference-free baby monitor that allows you to only hear your baby? Then you should consider purchasing a DECT baby monitor.

Benefits DECT baby monitor:

💚 100% interference-free
💚 Secure & reliable connection
💚 Clear sound
💚 Almost impossible to hack

Disadvantages DECT baby monitor:

✖ You can only hear your baby
✖ Reduced range through walls
✖ Radiation hazard
✖ Not connectable to your smartphone

Why a DECT baby monitor?

A DECT baby monitor works quite simply and is perhaps the most reliable baby monitor, when it comes to interference. You may not be able to see the baby on the monitor's image, but you can be sure that the sound is always clear. This is due to the use of the wireless digital connection. The disadvantage of this technology is radiation risk. However, most DECT baby monitors offer the option to manually adjust radiation levels, energy usage, and range.

Not quite convinced yet whether you should choose a DECT baby monitor or another model fits you better? Weigh the above pros and cons against each other, then you can be sure that you make the right choice for a baby monitor.

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