Long range baby monitor: the best choice?

The best way to keep an eye on your child from afar while he or she is sleeping. You hear everything that happens in the baby's room and are notified as soon as your child cries. A baby monitor with long range offers you a range of up to 3 kilometers away from the nursery, so that you can maintain good reception when the distance between you and your child increases. So you will be able to let some distance come between you and your baby without feeling concerned that the baby monitor and the range will let you down.

Benefits baby monitor long range:

💚 Relatively inexpensive to purchase
💚 Range up to 3km
💚 Easy to expand
💚 Easy & fast to use

Disadvantages baby monitor long range:

✖ You can only hear your baby
✖ Can sometimes generate noise on parent unit
✖ Basic design
✖ Not connectable to your smartphone

Why a baby monitor with long range?

A long range baby monitor is by far the most reliable baby monitor when it comes to clear and distinct range up to 3km away. This is because this baby monitor works with an analogue walkie-talkie, which is better known as the walkie-talkie. Do the distances between you and your baby increase more during a nap time? Does it occurs that you need to go for a small walk with the dog or any other situation where the distance increases? Then the baby monitor with a long range is by far the best choice for you!

You're not entirely convinced whether you should choose a baby monitor with a long range or another model fits you better? Weigh up the pros and cons above, then you can be sure that you are making the right choice for a baby monitor!

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