Baby monitors

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      A baby monitor should not be missing in the design of the baby room, because a baby monitor always keeps you in touch with your child, even if you are in another room in the house. This way you are immediately informed if something is not right with your child. Baby monitors come in different versions, there are standard audio baby monitors, but also baby monitors with a camera, so that you can not only see your child, but also hear it. Could you use some extra help choosing the best baby monitor? Then quickly use the baby monitor selection aid!

      Alecto Baby Monitor

      A baby monitor provides you as parents with peace and space when your child is in bed. A baby monitor ensures you can keep an eye on your child from a distance. As soon as your child wakes up or starts crying, you are immediately informed. A baby monitor is therefore indispensable and certainly a necessity for new parents.

      Baby monitor types

      Nowadays, baby monitors come in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult to choose. Which baby monitor do you need? It depends on your personal needs and wants. At Alecto, we make a difference between:

        • Audio baby monitors
          Audio baby monitors fall under the standard baby monitors and, as the name suggests, only emit signal through sound. This is sufficient if you do not necessarily have to see your child. Among the audio baby monitors we also make a distinction between:
          • DECT baby monitors
            DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, also known as a digital connection. It’s suitable for short distances between 100 and 300 meters (110 and 330 yards). The connection is known for its interference-free and clear sound, and the encrypted connection prevents eavesdropping.
          • Long-range baby monitor
            Also called a PMR baby monitor, this type of monitor is known for its extremely long range. Therefore, these baby monitors are suitable for outdoor use, although the long range does not work in combination with cameras.
        • Baby monitor with camera
          A baby monitor with camera ensures that you can hear your child from a distance and see him/her. Even in the dark, it can help you keep an eye on your child. A baby phone with images gives most parents just a little more peace of mind.
      • Baby monitor with Wi-Fi
        A baby monitor with Wi-Fi connection makes it possible to keep an eye on your child using your smartphone or tablet. The only thing this baby monitor needs to broadcast a good signal is a stable internet connection.

      Buy an Alecto Baby monitor

      When it comes to your child, you obviously only want the best. We fully support this. Our baby monitors regularly come with excellent reviews from, among others, the Consumer Association. Do you know which baby monitor is the most suitable for you and meets all your needs? If so, you can easily order it from our Alecto Baby’s web shop. If you place your order on a working day before 8 p.m., the baby monitor will be shipped from our warehouse that same day.